Adidas Messi Nemeziz 19.1FG-Orange/White-7313128

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Adidas Messi Nemeziz 19.1FG-Orange/White-7313128


Adidas Messi Nemeziz 19.1FG-Orange/White

For football enthusiasts, the main function of a pair of football shoes is fit, cushioning, and lightness.

Football is the only sport that theoretically requires shoes to be in direct contact with the ball

Football shoes have good grip, which helps players change direction more quickly

The football shoes themselves are lighter in material, reducing fatigue during kicking

Beautiful appearance of football shoes, enhance football taste

The soccer shoes have a good wrap and feel, which makes the shot and pass better

Note: Although football shoes have many benefits, they are only suitable for sports, not recommended in daily life, because shoe spikes will affect walking on flat ground

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Color Orange/White

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